After the break of the dam in Uzbekistan, an emergency situation has been announced in the Maktaaral region of Kazakhstan

Water from the Sardobinskoye reservoir in Uzbekistan, where one of the dams broke, reached the Turkestan region of Kazakhstan. According to Azattyk reporter with reference to the regional akimat, an emergency regime has been introduced in the region, and an operational headquarters has been established.

According to the akimat, on May 1, around 4 pm water from Sardobinskoye reservoir flooded collectors in several villages of Maktaaral district.

Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that at 20:15 water discharge from the Sardobinskoye reservoir was suspended.

On the night of May 2, social networks posted video clips of people in cars standing in lines at gas stations. The authors of the video reported that they were residents of Maktaaral and Zhetysaisk districts. Later, there were also videos, presumably from the village of Zhenyis, whose authors reported that the water had reached the outskirts of the village.

The Facebook page of the Maktaaral District Akimat posted messages from people claiming that they were scared and were residents of the region.

The emergency regime in the district was announced around midnight. At the same time, mass evacuation of residents of the village of Genis, where about 1900 people live, began.

The village of Zhana Turmys and the rural district of Nurly Zhol are also at risk of flooding. It is reported that three schools have been prepared for the evacuation of residents in Myrzakent village, the administrative centre of the district.

A breakthrough at the Sardobinskoye reservoir occurred on May 1. According to the Uzbek Ministry of Emergency Situations, the water flooded the village of Kurgantepa in Sardobinsky District. 11598 residents of neighbouring districts were evacuated.

Construction of the reservoir in Syrdarya Oblast, Uzbekistan, took seven years and was completed in 2017. It has a capacity of 922 million cubic meters of water. The height is 28.8 metres.

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